Shredding Machine

Any kind of recycling waste has its calorific value (cv), which can be used as a kiln fuel in cement industry. Before using waste plastic as fuel it is necessary to shred the plastic in particular size. Our shredding machine can shred any kind of fresh and legacy plastic waste into desired size to make it usable as fuel.

Benefits of Using Plastic Shredders in Waste Management

  1. Plastic shredders help recover waste during different industrial processes like moulding, trimming and casting.
  2. Shredded waste is easier to handle or re-use.
  3. Shredding is also an efficient waste disposal method, and this greatly reduces the cost of recycling for several industries.
  4. Plastic shredders are also being used to generate revenue by facilities that sell shredded plastic for use as fuel for cement industries.
  5. They also help recoup waste disposed from commercial units.
  6. By recycling and re-purposing the plastic waste, companies can also reduce their carbon footprint and save the environment.